Delivery Service

[Japan Domestic Delivery]

We mainly use "Click Post" by Japan Post Co., Ltd., in addition to "Yu-Pack" and "Yamato TA-Q-BIN". We will not notify tracking number to reduce cost.

[International Delivery outside Japan]

  • EMS: Fastest Delivery, mostly 3-7days to the recipient. Full insurance.
  • Post Parcel: Available large(heavy) item. Limited insurance, max 11,000yen.
  • Small Packet: Cheapest, but longer delivery time, mostly 5-20days to the recipient. Limited Insurance, max 6,000yen.

* In the case of your packet lost or damage, above max insurance will be taken. For example, when you order 20,000yen with Small Packet, you will be insured only 6,000yen of your packet when it's lost or damaged. We haven't had any issue of lost or damage as of May 2024, but it's fully the customer's responsibility which service to choose. We do recommend EMS when you order more than 6,000yen (11,000yen).

Customer Cancellation

We do not accept any cancellation due to customer's circumstances once the order has been placed. Please be very careful when you order.

Delivery Address Change

There may be a chance of changing delivery address. Please notify us immediately.

If the packet is not delivered correctly and returned back to us due to wrong delivery address or wrong name, we will charge you the freight fare again.

Store Cancellation

Jump Rope Store OK ROPE has right to cancel an order due to below circumstances;

  • When there is a doubt of fraudulent order such as fraudulent credit card use
  • When the order is from our competitor
  • When Jump Rope Store OK ROPE determines that the order deserves to cancel with any other reason