OK ROPE is...

a HIGH QUALITY jump rope store based in Japan. Our wide variety of high quality ropes have got a lot of attention in Japan. From the customers voice from outside of Japan, we officially initiated World Wide Shipping from April 2023.

  • Wide variety of ropes: from beginners to competitive jumpers
  • Custom ropes: original beaded ropes and more 
  • Wholesale price for retail or large group

Please feel free to contact us for

  • Jump Rope Workshop (Available Language: English, Japanese)
  • Jump Rope shop for an event


Yu OKAMOTO is...

a professional jump rope performer, rule expert, and president of "OK ROPE". Yu has a thorough knowledge about ALL the types of jump rope, Single Rope, Double Dutch, 2in1, Wheel, Long Rope, and so on. From year 2012, he has been a member of International Organization for creating/updating championships rules and judging for various types of jump rope events. From year 2020 to current, he is a member of technical committee in the current World Organization, IJRU.