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OK Freestyle Pro 2.5 - Freestyle cable with wire core

OK Freestyle Pro 2.5 - Freestyle cable with wire core

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 OK ROPE Freestyle Pro series jump rope! 


  • Revolutionary freestyle rope for multiple under, especially greater than 5 under skills
  • Mr. Kan Takemura (@kantake_jumprope) and other world class athletes have been using this rope
  • Fast turning


  • Advanced level freestyle jumpers
  • Multiple under jumpers


  • Cable
    • Outer diameter: 2.5mm PVC(coating)
    • Core: wire core
    • Cable length: 2.7m
  • Handle
    • Handle for "OK Freestyle" and "OK Freestyle Pro series"


  • 1set of OK Freestyle Pro 2.5
    • Please assemble Cable, Handle, and Stoppers by yourself referencing the 7th picture

* OK Freestyle Pro series (freestyle cable with wire core) are easier to break than normal freestyle cables, especially OK Freestyle Pro 2.5 is thinner and easier to break. Therefore, it is recommended only for competitive athletes.

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