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OK Freestyle Pro 3.2 - Freestyle cable with wire core

OK Freestyle Pro 3.2 - Freestyle cable with wire core

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 OK ROPE Freestyle Pro series jump rope!

*"Freestyle Cable (SS wire core)" has renamed to "OK Freestyle Pro 3.2"!


  • Freestyle rope for multiple under, especially greater than 3 under skills
  • Recently, more and more competitive athletes have started using Pro 3.2 series
  • Fast turning


  • Mid and Advanced level freestyle jumpers
  • Multiple under jumpers


  • Cable
    • Outer diameter: 3.2mm PVC(coating)
    • Core: wire core
    • Cable length: 2.7m
  • Handle
    • Handle for "OK Freestyle" and "OK Freestyle Pro series"


  • 1set of OK Freestyle Pro 3.2
    • Please assemble Cable, Handle, and Stoppers by yourself referencing the 7th picture

* OK Freestyle Pro 2.5/3.2 are easier to break than normal freestyle cables. Therefore, they are recommended only for competitive athletes. 

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